Arrow season 4 felicity dies

This article contains spoilers for arrow season 4 so far up to episode 9, dark waters since its very first episode, arrow has played around with. At the end of arrow season 4 s midseason finale dark waters, felicity was badly wounded during damien darhks attack. Oliver drives and escapes but finds felicity bleeding to death. Arrow executive producer wendy mericle teases the shows impending death and what else is in store for the back half of season 4. The season finale, lian yu, brought an insane amount of action, heart, and more than a little bloodshed. The arrow team has to figure out a new way of operating as new alliances are formed in season 4. How arrow said goodbye to felicity smoak in the season 7. Oliver queen stephen amell has come a long way from his first days back in starling city after his time on the island on arrow. Spoilerif you havent watched the latest episodes then it is a spoiler for you, so dont read this part if you dont want to. After twentythree episodes of surprises, arrow s fifth season came to a close tonight. Emily bett rickards departed arrow in her swan song as felicity smoak during the season 7 finale on monday, may details. Damien darhks master plan came to light in wednesdays arrow fall finale, and it was disturbing as hell. Remember that time oliver queen died in the middle of arrow season 3. Felicity was busy through the first 45 minutes of the season 7 finale with trying to take down emiko and her allies.

Olivers life as a vigilante and with felicity are complicated by his mayoral run and the discovery of the existence of his son, william jack moore. Although they never reveal who actually died, the death sounds like it was a murder that will drive the hero. Is felicity smoak really dead in the future arrow season 7. When season four of the cw dc comics take picks up after a five. Stephen amell, emily bett rickards on grave scenewhos dead arrow season 4 spoilers. Stephen amell, emily bett rickards on grave scenewhos dead. Arrow season 7 arrow 7x05, arrow season 7, roy harper, black siren. Season 4 episode 9 dark waters oliver proposes to felicity, she accepts. If felicity was killed in the season 5 finale, that would mean two big things for arrow. Following the arrow season four fall finale on dec. Every time felicity smoak almost died and every time she. In the season 7 premiere, ricardo diaz kirk acevedo attempted to kill felicity, but hes not the first villain who has tried to take out oliver queens stephen amell love and he wont be the last. Did felicity survive the explosion in arrow season 5s.

Every time felicity smoak almost died over the years ive noticed that the arrow writers like to troll everyone who dislikes felicity by making her somehow cheat death. Oliver and felicity are seemingly living happily in ivy town in the season four. Arrow is setting up the mysterious damien darhk as a villain for the next season. Arrow s sixth episode of season 4 saw the resolution of the mystery of just what happened to ray palmer and how exactly the man in the supersuit could have possibly survived a devastating explosion. Hes been mentioned a few times in the show, with ras revealing that darhk is a former member of the league of. Tonight, it was revealed that felicity went rogue and, acting as the villainous calculator, got herself in too deep with her criminal. After leaving a major characters life hanging in the balance, episode 10 of. Unfortunately, she died in the battle, and with her dying breath, she told oliver that he and felicity needed to go into hiding to protect their. Technologically gifted, especially in the field of computer science, felicity is a former member of team arrow, the former ceo of palmer technologies, and the founderceo of smoak technologies. Those were some pretty dark days, but thankfully, they were shortlived. Arrow season 7, legends of tomorrow season 4 and much more. When felicity exited arrow in the season 7 finale, her future counterpart in the flashforwards received an ending as well, though what it all meant.

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