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Doctor amari needs time to contact the synth s caretaker. As a synth, curies 670 health and ability to equip armor makes her by far the most durable companion, and the other companions will not catch up to her until the player character exceeds level 107. Speak with the individual and then witness the transformation. Give curie a strong melee weapon, it helps her greatly. Better curie unique rifle many options synth or blue.

The f4bp modlist fallout 4 beautification project mods. Developed by bethesda game studios and published by bethesda softworks, it was released on november 10, 2015. It is the fifth major installment in the fallout series, and was released worldwide on november 10, 2015, for microsoft windows, playstation 4 and xbox one. The alien will have between 400 and 550 rounds of ammo for the weapon. Monsieur codsworth, have you ever considered the possibility of becoming a synth, as well. A much better curie companion with nicer looks, outfit options, stats, and a unique custom weapon. There are a lot of companions available in fallout 4. Extended social interactions view file magno cum gaudio 2. So, i used the update feature located in aaf violates mcm to force a reset.

Basically, the best fallout 4 companions within the game. Because she uses her mr handy engagement ai, which basically tells the actor in this case, synth curie to use a ranged weapon while closing distance with the target. This is a male addon for the mod courser x92 power suit cbbe and pipboy, the original mod is amazing looking but had no male version so i decided to make one. Ultra quality god rays performance fix download god rays performance fix 1. With consent granted, doctor amari is ready to download curie. Every other companion has a base weapon with unlimited ammo, and the option to give them something else but you have to keep them stocked. I must find a way to download all that i am into a. Curie stopped midexhale, a blush coloring her cheeks.

Fallout 4 is an action roleplaying game developed by bethesda game studios and published. I dunno if its a bug or intentional, but synth curie doesnt have one. Ask doctor amari for help emergent behavior curie minor quests for institute. My character, piper, cait, curie synth version and four triggermen. You can convince the caretaker to let curie use the synth body by passing a medium persuasion dialogue. The idea has never much crossed my mind, miss curie, although i daresay it does sound rather intriguing. Unlike codsworth, curie is armed with a laser weapon instead of a. Curie s eye color changed from yelloworange to glowing pink.

This is my fallout 4 story about how curie saved me from being racist against synths. Curies dialogue the vault fallout wiki everything you. When you return you meet glory or another member from the railroad. However, i doubt that me becoming more humanlike would be very beneficial to my service.

The poly800 moog slayer, fm800 and filter mode mods. I know that you can romance curie but have no idea of the secret quest. Shell give you a quest and all you have to do is follow the quest to get curie her synth body and. Doctor amari will gladly help and offers to use the synth g519 as donor for body. I usually give my companions a new weapon anyways, but its nice for them to have a backup for when the ammo i give them runs out. Some in the vanilla game, some youll meet from dlc. Hi spoiler ahead curie is in her synth body now and ever since she is a mess in combat. Crystal graziano did some more quick fallout head sketches fallout art, fallout 4 weapons. When making this list, we didnt just base our choice off of personality alone, although that is a tangible factor. Its stats are 70 damage, 100 fire rate, 149 range, 73 accuracy, 2. Courser x92 power suit male addon at fallout 4 nexus. Of course, youll have to go get a new body for curie, but fortunately, amari has an answer for that as well, but youll need to wait a day while amari makes the arrangements. In this mod youll find weapon restorations, clothing restorations, items for decorating, weapon mods and much more.

However, curie s old miss nanny body can be found in the same room where the body exchange operation took place and all the items can safely be picked up from the inanimate robot body. Ultimate curie bot weapon and skin overhaul at fallout 4. I read last night that once you get you affinity with curie high enough you can do a quest to get her a synth body so that would give candy another companion. These are fully functional products with no limitations they are simply a very small sample sizes in comparison to the amount of patches when you. Funko fallout 4 mystery mini synth curie 124 gamestop. Now im gonna have to play without curie while i try to get my relationship up with these other people. Taking place approximately 200 years after the great war, fallout 4 is set in postapocalyptic boston, massachusetts, now referred to as the commonwealth. It includes her own custom unique weapon, madame curies rifle. Tbh i dont bother with curie, because i find her rude when demanding a new body and not fair for codsworth but with this mod active, i might actually bring her along with me, maybe. These mods affect everything from character shape to outfits. It isnt in the synth curie actors inventory by default, so she doesnt recognise it as her default weapon, which is why she constantly tries to switch to her actual default weapon her fists. In standard form, the korg poly800 is a pretty decent synth.

Never mind, bethesda thought ahead on this and you can still have curie get her synth body even if you sided with the institute. Top 10 best fallout 4 companion mods for xbox one pwrdown. Curie sophie simone cortina, a robot scientist turned synth. Loose funko mystery minis fallout 4 gamestop exclusive. Curie weapon fix at fallout 4 nexus mods and community. Curie synth robot voice changer at fallout 4 nexus mods. Each fallout game takes place in a different part of the now wartorn united states. Fallout 4 is the fifth major installment in the fallout series. Curie s eyes changed from default synth eyes to custom synth eyes. Curie looked down at the weapon curiously before taking it with hesitation. Eventually, shell talk to you and tell you that she wants a synth body to be able to collect data better and perform experiments better. If the player character chooses to download curie into a synth body, her old inventory will not transfer to her new body.

Curie is alarmed, because she is a synth, and the player is agreeing to kill another synth. She began to breathe normally as she replied, must you tease me so. Cait paid no heed to the health concerns of the synth. She starts out as a ms nanny robot however her personal quest has her download her mind into a synth body. She draws a laser rifle at the beginning of combat, fires a couple of shots and then charges into the enemy trying to punch them to death with her bare hands. Alright, in order to give curie a synth body, you have to raise her affinity level to a high enough level. It includes her own custom unique weapon, madame curie s rifle. Widely considered to be korgs answer to rolands affordable juno series, the poly800 employed similar digitally controlled oscillators to offer early. This scene involved multiple actors, eight in total. Theres a brain dead synth that may be a good host for curie. Then, collect the alien blaster pistol and the ammo for it on the body of the alien. See more ideas about fallout art, fallout 4 curie and curie fallout. I need to convince her that she should donate g5s body to curie. Curie receives a synth body and can use human equipment.

Emergent behavior the vault fallout wiki everything you need to. However, with the use of mods, you can get even more companions that have thousands of different voice lines, or require completing. Some of the mods and the console commands mentioned here are only available for the pc version. If the player character chooses to download curie into a synth body, her. Theres 4 cheat levels from vanilla to godly, theres options for glowing synth eyes, and options for the original look plus stats and the unique gun. I guess this is also why she grabs all the weapons she can find, her ai thinks she was unarmed and goes for the nearest weapon there is.

This took place in goodneighbor, inside the warehouse that sits closest to. Using the default weapon, running towards enemies and as soon shes in a good pistol range, she doesnt find her prefered pistol in her inventory and switches to her saw arm. Heres a small but powerful update to curie,the cool and awkward companion. Fallout is a rpg shotter that takes place after a great nuclear war, where most life has been extinguished. In this list, were going to take a look at some of the best companion mods for fallout 4 on xbox one. Fallout 4 is a video game in the fallout series released by bethesda softworks in 2015. Whilst modding support isnt as prominent as pc, its still an improvement. I havent started the dlc yet but the save file im planning on doing it with has just gained curie as a companion.

For example, you start with the junky ass robot as usual, then when curie supposedly turns into a synth, make her turn into the upgraded bot instead. See more ideas about curie fallout, fallout and fallout art. Tomb raider accessories by crimsomrider xb1 english full dialogue. Curie synth no longer has poison immunity gen 3 synth traits. Armor and weapon keywords community resource awkcr xb1.

Known issues a small amount of dialog lines that curie says mainly the dialog that talks about or has something to do with her becoming a synth will be spoken in her human voice. Best fallout 4 sex mods heres another that will give you the ability to add a nude body armor thats craftable. The game is set within an open world postapocalyptic environment that encompasses the city of boston and the surrounding. You can take the weapon to a workbench and modify the barrel, grip, mag, and sights. If you thought that goodneighbor was a bit underwhelming in terms of available content, heres a fallout 4 quest mod that adds 34 hours of additional gameplay possibilities. It has several female robot and female synth characters, and some of its downloadable content and mods expand upon this greatly. It doesnt matter if you give her a weapon with ammo she still goes with melee. It has been repacked to better compliment the other mods in this guide, and some of the texture have been optimized. Fallout 4 is an action roleplaying video game developed by bethesda game studios and published by bethesda softworks. Quest complete, incredibly, curie has been downloaded into a synth body.

Note that you need to register there for access the content as its locked. Curie synth mystery vinyl mystery minis bethesda fallout. The doctor asks for a day to prepare so return in 24 hours. Giant, radiation infused animals roam free, mindless and dangerous raiders, and warring factions fight to control the wastelands. Here i will host the current product we are offering a free demo version of so you can see the quality of music weapons products first hand before making a decision to buy. Download and copy the sound folder into your fallout 4\data folder, overwriting any files if asked by windows. I just did the mission to have curie take g5s body, and have been traveling around with her to various. Synth yelloworange by default, pink when romancedin love, red while in combat, and unlitwhite while sneaking. If you modify curies robot chassis, can you still advance her companion quest and move her to her synth body later. Curie spoilers kind of annoying that synth curie doesnt. Curie getting human synth body fallout 4 curie romance. For example, curie has as much health as codsworth would at level 49. There are two options available right now original and zipped, the original is based on the slooty vault jumpsuit mesh and the zipped provided a more modest option.

Emergent design curie v2 at fallout 4 nexus mods and. Fallout 3 takes place in the capital wasteland of washington d. Enhanced vanilla body alternate underwear black and short keynuker and keyring hidden. I decided that candy my ss is a lisbian and will only run with female companions. Curie synth fallout 4 bethesda gamestop mystery mini fi.

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